Saturday, November 8, 2008

Catching Up

Hello All! Well, I'm very sorry I haven't updated the blog sooner - lots going on really. After getting back from New York, we didn't do too many things worth reporting on the blog - most of our energy was spent trying to find a way out of living in the house we rented - for one thing, I broke out in hives (daily and they still continue!) which made us think there is something in the house I am allergic to, although the docs don't think that is the case. The other issue we have is an animal living in the bottom level of the house. I hear it rustling around under the floor and crawling in the walls. We've tried to trap it but it stays up in the ceiling and doesn't seem to fall for our trap. We have no idea what it is but suspect either a possum, ground hog or racoon. Needless to say, we are still living in the house - we signed a lease and so far that has legal precedent.

Moving on, fall was gorgeous and I have pictures I will share but my old laptop died and so I am without the pics for the time being. As soon as I have access, I'll share them. We've done a few things this month, attended a few Pitt football games, went on a Fall Foliage Cruise and as usual, braved some new Pittsburgh dining establishments - to be honest, we still haven't found a place worth going back to - do the people here not have tastebuds?!!!!

Okay, well, I'll write more later when I can post some pics for everyone! I miss California but luckily I am getting to travel back and forth for work for the time being - it has been my saving grace - warm weather, good friends and good food!