Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's Talk About Hawaii!

Well, the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 started the countdown to Miguel finding a real job. Unfortunately, as with many industries, the job market is slow and we were starting to get a little concerned. I don't know if it is so much that there weren't any available jobs, it's just that Miguel and I had some pretty strict policies on where we would live - no more snow or ice, only coastal living, hopefully warm weather most of the year and good surf for Miguel. The search found us jobs in Florida, Southern California and Hawaii. I gotta tell you, Hawaii was NOT my first choice. I was pretty hesitant about it - it's so far and I am still really not big on flying even though I go back and forth to Cali twice a month. However, that being said, the other jobs were in less than desirable areas of Florida and So Cal. We decided to go to Hawaii for the interview. I was sold the minute I walked out of the airport - WOW! How can you pass up the opportunity to live on a tropical island where the weather is never less than 65 degrees and rarely over 85? Geez people - this is a no brainer!

Anyhow, the interview went well, Miguel liked them and they liked him and so - we are off to Hawaii in August. We'll be living on Oahu - not sure what area yet - that is to be decided hopefully closer to July. Here are some pics from our trip to Hawaii:

This is along the main drag in Waikiki. On the opposite side of the street are shops and restaurants.
This is me stopping to enjoy a little waterfall along the main drag in Waikiki.

Here's Miguel - we were looking to see if there were any surfable waves for him in Waikiki.

I went on a one day bus tour while Miguel was at his interviews - here is Hanauma Bay - on the beach below is where Elvis's movie Blue Hawaii was filmed.

This is the view leaving the entrance to Diamond Head.

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